"Music is how I convey my own raw emotions. It's my way of connecting to other people and learning from experiences, life... that which inspired the music. Those lessons continue to ring out.....whether I learned from them or not!" Cara Behan has been performing and writing music since she was 15 years old. In 2000, she was chosen as Best Musician in online talent agency's nationwide talent search. Selected as winner out of 5,000 applicants by acclaimed director Spike Lee and MTV personalities, Cara went on to shoot a nationally-broadcast commercial with Spike. She continued gigging in NYC before deciding to study music in college. There Cara experimented musically by performing in many ensembles as a vocalist/guitarist and as lead singer for rock band, Gallery. Cara then studied jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia. Cara is using her diverse musical past as inspiration for a return to solo material. She is currently recording and performing with guitarist/composer Rob Cimitile in their group, Annona Rhus. Cara's music is hauntigly introspective, melancholic yet uplifting. Her lyrics and vocals have drawn comparisons to Portishead's Beth Gibbons and the legendary Joni Mitchell.

Fresh from the wilds of the Alaskan bush, Paul Basile (pronounced like the herb) returns to New York with four long, dark winters worth of songs and a brand new album, "Skeletons. The disc was recorded in the woody confines of a small bedroom in his Bethel, Alaska home - a world away from where he got his start.

While earning an incredibly practical degree from an Upstate New York college, Basile played in a folk duo whose aim was to impress girls with the four chords they knew between them. After graduation, he headed west to Billings, Montana in the fall of 2001. There Basile began writing more seriously and held a weekly gig at The Beanery, a local bar. The Billings press soon took notice and called his music "hypnotizing."

Not finding the contrast between New York and Montana drastic enough, Basile headed further west (and way north) to Bethel, Alaska. His quirky new home provided little outlet for an aspiring musician. But it was in this rough and rustic environment that Basile took a hobby and made it a passion. He earned his living writing and dog mushing but left plenty of time for music. Basile became a veritable song factory, creating music that combines quiet, stirring imagery with tremendously catchy tunes. By the fall of 2005 the coffeeshops and conference halls of Bethel, Alaska were packed with fans singing along nearly every weekend.

Armed with a duct-taped Martin and his gravely voice, Basile writes and sings earnest songs about people loving, people being wronged and people trying to do right. His style is often likened to those of Bright Eyes and Richard Buckner. The songs are steeped in all things Alaskan, but speak to a broad audience, dodging cliche at every turn. They are rustic American folk-rock songs for anyone, anywhere.

7:30 - Doors Open
8:00 - ANNONA RHUS | |
8:45 - PAUL BASILE | |
9:30 - Cross-Pollination set ft ANNONA RHUS & PAUL BASILE!!
10:00 - Guitar Hero