The Lightyears play intense and catchy indie-pop, characterised by driving keyboard riffs, punchy guitars, solid grooves and soaring vocal harmonies.

Since 2003, the band have played hundreds of gigs, recorded and self-released 4 CDs and travelled thousands of miles on an extensive tour. They have built loyal fanbase and have appeared on independent radio stations across the UK and twice on national TV.

2007 began with a nomination for The Indy Awards (hosted by Virgin Radio). Following this, the band were asked to headline The Indy Awards Press Launch in Covent Garden and were short-listed alongside 3 other bands in the BEST POP/ROCK ACT category. Future engagements for The Lightyears include a slot at Glastonbury Festival 2007, returning to the USA, Europe and South Korea on their ongoing world tour and recording a new EP with a top producer.

"The Lightyears are the hottest unsigned band in London. Catch them in small venues while you still can - in six months they'll be everywhere" -ROB WRIGHT, THE LONDON TIMES

“The Lightyears are a hugely impressive band, definitely one of the best unsigned bands that I have ever seen or heard. I am amazed that they haven’t been signed yet and I am sure they will be soon.” -HUGH PADGHAM, PRODUCER
(Sting & The Police, Genesis, Paul McCartney, David Bowie)

At only 21 years old, In The Attic Of The Universe is Peter Silberman's 5th release, though only his second under The Antlers moniker. After moving to Manhattan last year, he set up a cramped, make-shift recording studio in his apartment and set to work on what would become The Antlers' first proper LP, Uprooted, a different sort of take on the transplant album, exploring claustrophobia and sleepwalking against a fuzz-folk backdrop. He spent 2006 performing throughout his new home in support of the album, and in the fall of 2006, sprawled his equipment on the floor and set to work on In The Attic of The Universe, a concept-EP in which he ups the instrumentation from the acoustic guitar that dominated Uprooted, introducing a full rhythm section, moog, accordion, and piano (both traditional and toy) and a host of others, while parts of the album were recorded outside the farmhouse he grew up on with an old Sony shoebox tape-recorder. The result is a sound revolving around swelling ambience and climactic explosions in the vein of The Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros, alongside Silberman's voice, a sort of cross between Jeff Mangum and Jeff Buckley.

"As a music blogger, you never know what to expect when you listen to all that new unknown music that comes into your inbox. Most of it leave you weary, but some knock the shit-biscuit out of you and leave you wondering about matters such as 'so much beauty in the world', 'incredibly tapped talents', 'influences worn well' and 'blog, like hell, my friend, blog!' Witness my story with the relatively unknown The Antlers (no wikipedia entry, google hit #6, incredibly fantastic music)." -Kwaya Na Kisser

"The band's new album, In The Attic of the Universe, is spectacular." -Baby, You Got A Stew Goin!

"...The sound would have you believe he's being backed by a super group made up of members of Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. " -Quick, Before It Melts

7:30 - Doors Open
8:45 - THE ANTLERS | |
9:30 - Cross-Pollination set ft THE LIGHTYEARS & THE ANTLERS!!
10:00 - Guitar Hero