Mancino is one part sonic beast and two parts insecure nerd.

From the depths of Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal, the trio mashes elements of 60's pop, psyche, circus squawks, and solid rock music into a potent stew that possesses the shy wallflower to boogie and the dancing queen to strap on a pair of headphones and geek out.

Recent Press for Manners Matter

Manners Matter shows a band eagerly adopting different genres, and just as easily shrugging them off for the next number. On the experimental scale, these boys show touches of the blithe blending abilities of the Beach Boys and XTC, but are not quite as willfully abstruse as say, the Fiery Furnaces.

New York's Mancino have their sights set on that regularly-pulsating muscle that just happens to be the epicentre of the physical human body and yet is continually said to have influence over the emotional side of life: the heart. Not, you understand, because their business is sloppily conceived and poorly executed poetry, but because although Manners Matter might appear on a first listen to be a competent pop record and little more, give it repeated spins and a wealth of warming melodies and cute jangles become evident. -Drowned in Sound, 7 out of 10

I'm loving Mancino [...] Recommended for fans of The Beach Boys, Pavement, and 60's psych-pop. - Gorilla vs Bear

I guess that "taking it easy" is a relative term, considering that even Mancino's slowest songs have a jerky circus bounce to them (and not just the song that's actually about a circus) [...] Add in the recorder (at this show substituted with a kazoo) playing and compulsive dancing their music inspires (get a taste in the video for "Hetchie Hutchie Footchie" - learn some new moves while you're at it) and it's a sign of their professionalism, talent, and general awesomeness that the band not only kept things moving but played one of the best sets I've seen from them yet.

[Mancino] has a spare, melodic sound in which guitarist Michael Grimes, keyboard player Nadim Issa, and drummer Jonathan Mason are each distinct participants. There is some similarity to the early Talking Heads, and that is accentuated by Grimes' singing, by the stop-and-start rhythms, and by Grimes' lyrics, which are quirky and amusing, beginning with the first track, "Circus Scabs," no doubt the first song written about the subject of replacement workers at "the county carnival" and how "ill at ease" they are "Because the picket lines are on our case." Elsewhere, Mancino invents strange dances ("Hetchie Hutchie Footchie") and drifts down Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal to the ocean ("Motels"). With titles like "Five Blades," "Monster Trucks," and "Buy My Product," it often seems as though Grimes writes his words by falling asleep in front of the TV and then jotting down impressions that occur to him when he wakes up. But his observations are often charming, especially when wedded to Mancino's pop arrangements. - William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

MOKB hearts Mancino! I'm a big fan of Mancino, even moreso after I had the guys in on MOKB SIRIUS Blog Radio and got to know them. Their latest album, Manners Matter may be one of the better albums this year that very few bloggers seem to have noticed and they are definitely one of those [criminally] unsigned bands that labels should check into.- My Old Kenutucky Blog

Manners Matter is a pop gem, one of the few 2007 releases I make time to revisit on a regular basis. - Largehearted Boy

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7:30 - Doors Open
8:00 - MANCINO | |
8:45 - NYLE |
9:30 - Cross-Pollination set ft MANCINO & NYLE!!
10:00 - Guitar Hero