"There is an ethereal quality to Tom’s music, that really draws the listener in, until the story is told." -Local Press, London

"Picking on a guitar, melody after melody effortlessly emerged, dressed with some of the finest lyrics I've heard at The Sidewalk. Just at home spiraling to a scream as a bare tonal whisper, he displayed a range and hold on his audience I have rarely seen. I sat as a full room breathed together, when they remembered to. This is a guy to watch"

"Catch this kid while you can, before it gets expensive!" -SUNDAY TIMES, UK

“A blow in from Arizona by way of Frisco, New Orleans, and the beaches of Belize, Steve Waitt has found hungry ears in hipster riddled downtown area. Dark piano and guitar based melodies support a Bill Withers-esque vocal that adds an out-of-townish sincerity and a breath of musicality to an often noisy baseless music scene. An album is apparently on the way.” -Time Out New York

“So it looks like its not all narrow jeans and store bought ideologies in Williamsburg anymore. Frizzy haired piano scientition Steve Waitt is making the locals go home and practice. Real Song lyrics on top of music that goes somewhere seems to be his party line and it’s causing some ripples in the local vegetable co-ops. He showers daily, has a voice that sings in tune with a color that makes you believe the songs, and not a trendy haircut in sight. Do yourself and your parents a favor. Go see a show.” - The Onion, NYC

“Its nice to sit down at a club once you find a seat and not be forced to get up again for an hour. This rarely happens in clubs here in our gentrified tenement of the Lower East Side. I find myself listening in on bands telling each other where they got their pair of prpps. It hurts. Maybe I’m old. Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder because I can neither afford nor fit into a pair of prpps jeans. That being said, I usually have to rise again just minutes into a show because the music is as listless as my Levis. Steve Waitt however, provides an incentive to keep my spot. First off there is his unassuming demeanor as he ambles up to the stage. His musicians take their places, all with the same gently lived in look of a couch you've loved for years. The set itself sees Waitt move between piano and guitar directing continuous moves from uppers to downers. The solo songs are dark, honest offerings, very reflective and lyrically heavy. Those emotional all-in bets are usually followed by the rattling circus of drums and pedal steel driven numbers that leave you thinking of the French Quarter. The record will be out sometime before June, and has plenty to boast about. The song "Changes" and "Gong the Bear" are ones to look for.” - The Daily News, NYC

7:30 - Doors Open
8:00 - TOM HAYES | |
8:45 - STEVE WAITT | |
9:30 - Cross-Pollination set ft TOM HAYES & STEVE WAITT!!
10:00 - Guitar Hero