What makes Singer/Bassist, Rachel Loshaks music and sound so special is her sophisticated, orchestral approach to traditional pop music. Imagine a string quartet stripped of its native instruments and handed electric guitars and amplifiers. Melodic bass figures move like a boogied cello weaving with her pure and bell-toned voice, all forming an accessible foundation to the wide-eyed wonderment of her lyrics, which Loshak paints in broad strokes with a graceful sadness. Among the haunting, darker numbers from her release Mint (2003), its the sparse, shadowy piano figures of Single Rose or the depth of the chamber sounds of The Dreamer that make the perfect pop lilt of Rain and Sweet as Sin stand out in their tasteful sublimity. She also induces a near-tribal rouse on the dub-tinged Never Look Back. Her new album Peach Pony follows her songwriting to its next level, and brings the production, as she works with Jason Crigler and Morgan Taylor, along with it. Supporting her both onstage and on record are guitarist Jason Crigler (Erin McKeown, Linda Thompson, Marshall Crenshaw), guitarist Morgan Taylor and drummer Dan Rieser (Norah Jones, Jesse Harris, Marcy Playground). Rachel moved to New York City in the late Nineties from Suffolk, England and honed her songwriting craft with her unique bass and voice style. She now lives in New York permanently, using it as a base for her touring and recording. Rachels music can be experienced on each of her two full-length albums: Firefly (2001) and her most recent release Mint (2003). She also is featured alongside Norah Jones and Jesse Harris on the Best of the Living Room compilation released late 2002. Her newest record Peach Pony, featuring a duet with Norah Jones, was released in Denmark and South Korea, to wide critical acclaim. Rachel has also worked recently with Moby, recording vocals with him for a future release, and performing with him in January at a Tsunami benefit concert in NYC. Rachel also performed in January to a sold out crowd at Irving Plaza where she shared the stage with Norah at a benefit concert (which she also organized!) for her guitarist, Jason Crigler, who had been hospitalized since August 2004 with a brain injury (he's doing really really well now though...). Rachel plays regularly in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago, and has toured Europe on several occasions including shows in Ireland, UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia. Her first visit to South Korea in June 2005 to promote the release of her new record was a taste of things to come .

John Dyer is a progressive vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist who has been writing & performing original music since 1990. Critics have described his works as "luscious," "hypnotic," "sweetly flowing," "thoughtful and engaging," where mysticism meets the pickle barrel." His musical ventures include solo and ensemble performances as well as composing and performing for live theater & dance productions. Founder of Texas-based band Drama Tiki (1992-1998) and an Independent Music Awards 2006 Finalist, Dyer lives in New York where he has performed solo sets at the Knitting Factory, Living Room, & Galapagos Art Space.

7:30 - Doors Open
8:45 - JOHN DYER |
9:30 - Cross-Pollination set ft RACHEL LOSHAK & JOHN DYER!!
10:00 - Guitar Hero